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Scan to CAD Conversion

Scan to Cad ConversionDigitization/ Vectorization is the most useful process to digitize vector data from any images. We have been providing exceedingly perfect and cost effective scan to cad conversion services all through the globe for more than 15 years.


We will digitize and convert any scanned/legacy drawings into precise DWG, DXF (DGN or any other CAD formats), maintaining the perfectness with the original drawing, at the quickest possible time and reasonably priced through professional scanning and vectorization software.


All the converted CAD files include 3-7 layers, editable texts, exact dimensions in individual layer, perfect editable line types, related editable hatch patterns, blocks and symbols of standard components, title blocks (as per scale) and colors.

We can convert different types of scanned drawings like mechanical, technical, architectural, civi, engineering, mechanical, electrical, hvac, structural, geological, machine, structural, site plans, landscaping, topographical/flood/soil/ contour maps as well as old logo, graphic, artwork and almost all other documents.


In order to maintain complete accuracy with dimensions, we apply a heads-up manual redraw procedure for conversion to generate the CAD perfect output.


Why choose our Scan 2 CAD” Conversion Service :-


A vectorized image is free of any type of unevenness, no loss in detail and printable at any resolution.
The images are scaled up or down keeping the image quality intact.
An experienced team of qualified engineers, drafters and cad technicians.
Stringent quality checking process to preserve the perfectness before final submission.


After making the final delivery of the CAD Perfect™ file, if there are any issues, we will solve it within 24 hours devoid of any extra cost.