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Raster to Vector Conversion

We provide raster to vector conversion service to convert different kinds of raster images in the form of JPEG, GIF, SCAN, PNG, PSD, PDF, BMP, TIF, DOC, PPT as well as line art, drawings (engineering, mechanical, architectural), blue prints, illustrations, business logo, maps (contour, soil, flood, topography, parcel, sewer), aerial images into superior quality, completely scalable & editable vectors file can be converted into scalable vector.

Raster to Vector Conversion


We utilize some leading softwares like AutoCAD (DWG, DXF), MicroStation (DGN), Adobe Illustrator (AI), CorelDraw (CDR), VectorWorks to reproduce a vectorized output and these converted vector file can be used with banners, vehicle wraps, screen printing, t-shirts, signage, business cards, embroidery, engraving, architectural lettering, cut vinyl and CAD/routers. The converted output will be AI or EPS.


We perform a through quality checking to ensure that all the converted images are free from jaggies, pixelation and poor quality.

We maintain the complete perfectness preserving perfect - layer information, text, detail, line type, related dimensions, notations, hatch patterns, Symbols & blocks of standard components, title blocks. The converted drawing can be printed at any resolution or size.


We keep in mind that if any raster image is resized, even the minor difference with the original size, can result in loosing detail and the image can be unclear or gritty.


We abide by the AIA standards while making the conversion process.


Why choose us :-

  • Editable text supply
  • 99.99% accuracy
  • Competitive price
  • Quick turnaround (within 24 hours)
  • Complete security (the supplied and converted images will not be disclosed to any one
  • Free quotes as per requirements
  • Stringent Quality Checking
  • 24x7 workable schedule