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Paper to CAD Conversion

Paper to CAD ConversionWe have been offering paper to cad conversion services for more than 15 years. We widespread our services to USA, UK, Australia and Canada.


We have an experienced team of cad drafters, licenced architects, engineers who take the responsibilities to convert any paper drawings, rough sketches, manually modified drawing, hand scribbles, hand sketched plans, elevation drawing, schematic drawing, section drawing, schemes, topographical maps, photographs and designs into editable, dimensionally & highly perfect digital formats.


Our paper to cad conversion service facilitates the clients to manage, accumulate and preserve information from paper drawing and keep it safe against any damage as well as loss of data.

In order to make the conversion progression, 99.99% accurate, our team redraws everything by hand according to the layering standards, title blocks, line weights, styles, conventions as well as other instructions provided by the clients. We also apply AIA standard conventions for conversion process.


Besides, following specified scope of work, our skilled team can integrate all amendments and last minute rectifications.